Super B Twin Turbo Kit 2003-2006 Dodge Upgrade


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BD`s Super B Twin turbo kits are designed for Dodge Rams with the Cummins Diesel engine and modifications that with the right amount of fuel and air, they will develop 350-500 rear wheel Horsepower. 

This engineered two stage compounded set of Air Werks S300 turbochargers meets the engine’s air requirements and keeps exhaust emissions to a minimum and exhaust temperatures low.  The turbo boost developed by the high pressure turbo provides quick, low engine rpm response.  This air charge is compounded by the low pressure turbo which has a broad compressor map for the high engine rpm.  The high pressure turbo is the same one we use in the Super B single kit so you can progress from the single turbo to the twins as your desire for more power develops.  

Tests show that at 450 rear wheel horsepower, pre-turbo exhaust temperatures of 1175 F were experienced and 51 pounds of turbo boost was developed on a 2002 ISB Cummins with the exhaust smoke level of only 3 out of 10. O-ringing of the head is not a requirement at this pressure.  

Even higher horse power gains and turbo boost pressures can be achieved when the twins are installed in conjunction with nitrous to overcome the inefficiencies of the stock intercooler.  

The kit is complete with a SS X Intake, exhaust and intake piping, oil drains, heat shields and the 2003-2005 application even comes with a 3-piece pulse exhaust manifold to bolt on.

Super B Twin Turbo Kit 2003-2006  Dodge Upgrade



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