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B series Cummins

Parts Sales

B Series Cummins

Dyno Services

We offer custom dyno service on our Land & Sea Dual Brake, that is capable of 6000 hp, 8,000 ft lb torque, 7,000 rpm limit. Call Curt to schedule an appointment: 877-948-3164 or email him: curt@haisleymachine.com Several options are available.

Machine Services

We offer automotive machine shop and CNC services for Cummins B & C Series, some Case IH, some John Deere and Honda Midget Engine needs.

Brief list of available services:

•Cylinder Block

            ◦Surface deck

            ◦Bore and/or hone cylinders

            ◦Cam line, bore, hone

            ◦Install bushings or bearings for billet cam

            ◦Main line, bore, hone




•Cylinder Head

            ◦Mag Check

            ◦Pressure Test


            ◦Valve Job

             ◦Replace guides

             ◦Replace seats, stock or oversize

             ◦Remove shelf

             ◦CNC Port & Polish, various stages available

             ◦Flow test


             ◦Mag Check




             ◦Drill Nose

            ◦Drill End to pin flywheel


•Connecting Rods

             ◦Check big ends

             ◦Check small ends

             ◦Size Caps

            ◦Stress Relieve





           ◦Coat, tops and skirts