ATS Arc-Flow Intake Manifold For 03-06 Dodge


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The ATS Ram Intake manifold provides superior airflow versus the stock intake horn. Arc-flow design increases efficiency and improves air velocity into the engine even at low boost levels. The shrouded back side of the manifold provides an embossed area where gauges and other inputs such as water injection/nitrous/pressure switches etc., can tap into providing a clean and easy install. Lower restriction and improved airflow means a reduction in turbo surge, as well as featuring an optimized nitrous or water injection port that delivers the flow directly towards the intake port of the motor. This is one item that anyone can install simply and quickly for improved performance! The ATS Arc-flow manifold is available in clear-coat metal finish, white powdercoat, and black powdercoat with all hardware and plugs included.

BK – Black
WH – White
SI – Silver

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Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 6 × 9 in


ATS Diesel


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