Super B Twin Turbo Kit 03-04, Polished


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A simple description of the operation of a turbo is to compare it to an air pump. The ultimate design is for the turbo to reach its peak boost pressure quickly and not create a lot of exhaust backpressure to drive the turbine wheel. BD can supply a number of less restrictive and quicker responding exhaust housings and a mix of turbos that do a ok job. But the best thing to do is to engineer a new turbo that will have a much broader rpm range that the turbo will be effective at. BD:s new S300 series Air Werks turbos have been engineered for the Dodge Ram Cummins that has had a 75-200 hp modification. The turbine housing, compressor housing and wheels are very unique in there design. The result is low exhaust temperature and a broad responsive range of air flow. We have as well designed a twin compounded turbo kit for 150-300 hp modifications. These turbochargers can reduce smoke emissions, cool exhaust temperatures and deliver more air at lower boost pressures on modified engines like no other turbo kit on the market.

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Weight 145.00 lbs
Dimensions 60 × 24 × 15 in




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