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HIGH TECH TURBO – High Tech 71 Series Turbochargers

For Dodge 3rd Generation  03-07

High Tech Series – 71mm Turbine Wheel

Super Stock 62 

14cm  hsg – 62mm Comp Wheel

HP range 475-575 w/reasonable EGT's
1100 ft. lbs. torque
62mm Compressor, 71mm Turbine
14 Wastegated Turbine Housing
No downpipe required 

Attaching hardware (nuts, bolts, studs and gaskets) included where needed.


Our unique partnership with Borg Warner Air Werks. Prompts the evolution of our product line for 1994-2006 Dodge Cummins engines (adaptable to 1988-1993 also). Along with Borg Warner's race proven large shaft and our High Tech bearing and oiling system, these turbos combine the many improvements we have made since the inception of the HTB2 turbo line:

Improved oil drain tube clearance.
Our twin-ported wastegate now provides up to 50% more wastegate flow. This results in better boost control for single turbo applications as well as twin setups.
Our adjustable boost pressure regulators utilize higher spring rates supporting higher pressures.
These actuators employ our new "Easy-Adjust" feature.
Borg Warner Low Drive Pressure turbine wheels. AKA, the "Killer Wheel"
(71mm instead of the 65mm HTB2 wheel).
Factory 1-Year warranty.
The initial spool-up of these turbos might be slightly slower than out HTB2 series turbos but since the turbine wheels are low drive pressure design, they then build boost faster, offering you quicker acceleration.
These turbos should also provide a couple hundred degrees cooler EGT's under heavy acceleration and heavy
loads like towing.

Like our HTB2 turbos, this series uses high torque, extended tip compressors = 62mm/87, 64mm/92, 66mm/96. (Alternate compressor sizes are for comparison to Garrett Powermax advertised compressor sizing.)

*A note about compressor choices -Our 62 compressor is the best choice for all around streetability / towing.
The 64 and 66 compressors are primarily competition compressors. Approximately 10% of our customers have witnessed excessive "surging" issues  at lower RPMs (below 2000) and higher boost (above 20 PSI) conditions when using competition compressors for towing or daily driving.



High Tech Turbo

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Weight 60.00 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 15 in


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