03-07 Fuel Squeezer 400 SS 13cm hsg/3rd Gen.


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 Dodge 3rd Generation     

HTB2 Series – 65mm Turbine Wheel     

 2003-07 Fuel Squeezer 400
13cm Stainless Steel Exhaust Housing

13cm Stainless Steel hsg – 62mm Comp Wheel

HP Range 325 – 400

Hardware (nuts, bolts, studs and gaskets) included where needed.


Turbos for 94-2002 are "bolt-up" except for the exhaust downpipe.
If you have been running an HX40W then our outlet flange will make connecting to your HX40 downpipe easy.

The exhaust elbo necks down on the 03-06 turbos and do not require a downpipe but we do offer a performance downpipe for the 03-early 04
since the stock exhaust elbow necks down.

An important factor to consider with your turbo purchase is an inexpensive upgradability.
We don't want you to grow out of your turbo in 6 months.
Our turbos can grow right along with your horsepower needs:
You can send in your S300G, HTBG or HTB2 we will upgrade your turbine wheel, turbine housing, compressor wheel, or compressor cover to whatever size you choose.

You can even send in a competitor's turbo for modification and upgrade.

A larger, freer flowing air cleaner system (as well as 4" exhaust) is a prerequisite for these high flow turbos.
Be sure you get enough air to these turbos by replacing the restrictive air cleaners

Note: BCR included with 3rd generation turbos     

Note: 2004.5 2006 requires a Boost Control Resistor (BCR)     


High Tech Turbo

Additional information

Weight 60.00 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 16 in


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