03-04 Intake Air System for w/out fog lights


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A simple, affordable and tested method of providing increased air flow and colder air to the 3rd Gen. Dodge Cummins performance engines and extreme towing applications:

Perfect for use with our Fuel Squeezer 400 HTB2 Turbo.

Real world proven air inlet located behind the front bumper provides maximum air density for superior trailer pulling and passing power. Retains the sealed factory stock air box and air inlet for the unmodified stock look yet provides
better acceleration in hot weather than other aftermarket intake systems. Uses no metal components that may rust and transfer heat into the intake air duct. An economical cold air intake system for mildly modified Cummins engines. Engineered and proven to sufficient air flow for up to 450 rear wheel horsepower. Dyno tested to provide faster turbo spool up resulting in 15 – 20 HP and 35 – 60 ft-lbs torque increase between 1800 – 2500 RPM. Increase in peak power of 7 – 9 HP and 14 – 18 ft-lbs torque at 2800 RPM. Faster reduction in EGT's during cool down than other aftermarket air intake systems. Lower EGT's by 40 degrees or more due to the cooler intake air in the combustion chamber. Tested and proven to work in harsh weather (snow, ice, slush, heavy rain).
Increases fuel mileage (Theoretical, actual improvements are non-measurable).



High Tech Turbo

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Dimensions 18 × 12 × 12 in


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