“Flashpaq”: 2005-2007 Ford Mustang


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The Superchip MircoTuner is a hand held tuner that plugs into the vehicle diagnostic port.  The Superchip Micro Tuner improves the timing and fuel curves. In addition, the Superchip Micro Tuner can be used as a diagnostic tool. Each Superchip Micro Tuner comes with a user manual and diagnostic code definitions.
Plug the Superchip Flashpaq into the vehicle ALDL diagnostic port, located inside your Ford Mustang. Select one of five different power settings. The 1825 Flashpaq by Superchips, Inc. is a true plug and play design for your Ford Mustang.

Power Settings:
V6 87 Octane: 4 hp and 6 ft-lb

V8 87 Octane: 7 hp and 10 ft-lb
V6 Performance: 10 hp and 17 ft-lb
V8 Performance: 14 hp and 22 ft-lb
GT500 Performance: 53 hp and 35 ft-lb

User Options:
Adjust Shift Points and Shift Firmness!
Adjust for Gear Changes!

Asjust Cooling Fan Settings!
Diagnostic Code Reader  and Internet Updateable



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