Turbo 7.3 P/S 99.5-03 Ball Brg


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This Garrett GTP38 turbocharger for the '99 thru '03 7.3 PowerStroke improves the turbo response time, reduces exhaust temperature and improves fuel economy. The new 88mm compressor wheel provides 33% more flow than the stock 80 mm wheel. The compressor flow range of the new ported shroud housing elminates the present surge or poping condition. The 1.00 A/R turbine housing and the new low resistance ball bearing design reduces the amount of exhaust pressure required to drive the turbine wheel. Designed for the stock and modified 7.3 Power Stroke. It bolts in place.



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Weight 29.70 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 15 in


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