Diesel Exhaust Brake – Ford 6.0 / 7.3L IDI 3.5 Remote Vac


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BD has been installing exhaust brakes on the Power Stroke Diesel ever since the first day of engine production in 1994. We set the standards for the amount of engine backpressure. Our tests revealed an extremely durable engine top end. The hydraulic lifters easily open the 140# valve springs. The forty pounds of backpressure the exhaust brake creates is far below the engine peak pressure. Thousands of exhaust brake installations over the years have proven this engine.

The Turbo Mounted Vacuum actuated and air actuated Exhaust Brake, (compression retarder) are available for all the Ford V8 7.3 and 6.0 PowerStroke diesels. This BD Exhaust Brake simply replaces the stock rear portion of the waste gated turbine housing or as in the 6.0 it mounts down in the exhaust system. The castings incorporate BD’s exclusive AlumiBronze bushing and piston ring sealed butterfly shaft that have proven to stand up to the exhaust emission environment. The brake incorporates BD’s exclusive Variable Orifice technology, where the spring loaded piston in the powerful 3" vacuum cylinder or the air cylinder is compressed by the off set stainless steel butterfly once the peak retarding pressure is achieved.

BD Variable Orifice exhaust brakes provide superior performance that starts at 1200 rpm with peak retarding hp achieved by 1800 rpm and then it just holds on right through the rpm range!

The 99-01 kit includes, a complete wiring harness, air hoses and a air pump and bracket. The complete kit can be installed in 3-4 hours with no cutting or welding required. On the curent models we include air compressors with all the mounting hard ware.

Our 6.0 Power Stroke brake kit an exclusive in the undustry with the new electronic control kit that communicates with the Variable Geometry Turbo and the Exhaust Gas Recirculating valve. The automatic kit even increases the transmission clutch apply pressure and holds the convertor clutch engaged to a lower speed than stock.



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