X-Monitor Dash Top / Universal


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Gauge Panel, Digital, Boost, Pyrometer, Transmission Temperature, 9 in. x 8 in., Kit

Get a clear view on your power!
What good is all of this new power if you can’t monitor it? Enter BD Diesel’s X-Monitors. Their readout mounts inside a nice module that is positioned on the driver side A-pillar or dash. All three functions are seen at the same time–transmission temperature, exhaust temperature and turbo boost pressure. All three have limits, and these numbers are downloaded into the X-Monitors. When any are met or exceeded, the monitors’ faces flash a warning that can’t be missed!

Benefits include:

* Operating pressures and temperatures can easily be read with a simple glance
* The display brightness can be set for driver comfort
* The peak operating levels can be set to flash warning for safety
* The low mount does not restrict vision



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