Cool Engine Shutdown Timer Kit


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Turbo Timer, Engine Shut Down, Use with X-Monitor

Don’t shut your hot engine down after a hard run. Switching your engine off after a heavy haul when the exhaust temperature is above normal engine idle temperature can result in turbo bearing damage.

With the engine stopped there is no oil flow over the bearings that support the hot turbocharger wheel assembly. This causes the residue oil being burned and the resulting carbon will cause premature turbo failure!

You can prevent this from happening with the Cool Down Timer or the Cool Engine Shutdown!

Simply set the shutdown temperature, lock the door and walk away. The engine will shutdown at the specified temperature.

The Cool Down Timer (CDT) works in conjunction with any K-Type exhaust gas temperature (EGT) probe that is common with most analog pyrometer gauge kits. Wire it to an existing EGT probe or install a new one.

The Cool Engine Shutdown (CES) works in conjunction with BD’s own digital gauge package, the X Monitor. The CES connects in line between the X Monitor control module and display and also features an audible alarm to coincide with the X Monitor’s visual alarm settings.



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