2003 4 Inch 409 Stainless Steel CAT Test Pipe


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This is a CAT Delete or CAT Test pipe for your factory cat equiped Ford 6.0L PSD. This has a flange to bolt in place of the OEM cat and is a straight thru 3" pipe that slip fits into the OEM or the AFE Exhaust. Use of a 3" DynoMAX Stainless Steel band clamp is recomended if you have the need to remove these in the future.

AFE air intake systems and filters are very good at getting air to your engine faster and more efficiently.  However, we realize that it is important to get the air out as well.  Just like anything else, the more you ingest, the more you need to expel, otherwise things can get clogged up.  That is the reason why we offer exhaust systems to go along with our air intake systems.  It a natural extension of our efforts to enhance the science of airflow management in performance vehicles. 

This is especially true in the diesel motor which is simply a huge air pump.  Since diesel engines are a compression ignition engine and modern diesel-powered vehicles are turbocharged, the more air you pump in, the more power you generate.  However, which turbocharged diesel, it is very important to get the hot exhaust out or the Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) rise to critical level that could damage the turbo itself.  Most OE manufacturers offer a restrictive 3 1/2" exhaust system which is fine for normal every day city or highway driving.  But you bought a diesel truck for its towing or work capabilities, didn’t you?  If so, you want more power to go up that grade towing your boat, trailer or tools. 

Getting the air in will give you more power.  Getting the air out will give you more power.  When you get more air in and out at the same time, you get a lot more power.  With our 4" exhaust systems are mandrel bent aluminized steel which eliminates the sharp bends and kinks that the factory stock exhaust systems have.  The aluminized steel resists corrosion as well as stainless steel but is priced more economically.



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Weight 16.00 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 12 × 15 in


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