PowerPuck 98.5-2000 5.9L Cummins


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DiabloSport PowerPuck 
Inline Power Module

1998.5 – 2000 5.9L /24V Dodge Cummins Diesel PowerPuck

The Power Puck remaps the fuel delivery of the diesel injection pump and advances the injection-timing curve.

The PowerPuck software works on changing the injection quantities an advancing the ignition curve, it will not alter the load pressure directly. The load pressure is increased due to the increase in fuel volume delivery. This in itself makes for an extremely reliable tuning device with one sole purpose, POWER!

PowerPuck equipped vehicles will notice significant improvements in drivability, whether it is in town, where speeds constantly change, or on the highway passing slower vehicles.

Power Puck increase’s power through the entire RPM range, at low RPM it will yield better throttle response; and help maintain speeds on inclines or when towing. The mid-to-upper power increase is extremely useful on the highway to maneuver through heavy traffic situations.

Stackable with Predator for a variety of performance levels


 50 HP and 150 FT/LB of Torque (1999-2002)

 60 HP and 100 FT/LB of Torque level one (2003-current)

 90 HP and 180 FT/LB of Torque Level two (2003-current)

 PowerPuck installs in nine easy steps and in less than an 10 minutes, no wires to cut, no seals will be broken and no feeding cables through the firewall

 Factory spec interlock connectors and a completely sealed wiring harness

 PowerPuck is designed to put no additional strain on the Diesel injection pump. The rotary VP44 injection pump in the 24v Cummins has a preset electronic limit to the amount of fuel it will deliver. Since the PowerPuck is plugged in between the ECU and injection pump, the PowerPuck is programmed to never exceed that limit 

 2003 – Current PowerPuck has a 3 position switch that allows changing between stock, 60HP, and 90HP settings on the fly.

 2003-2007 PowerPucks Stack with the DiabloSport Predator U7130(03-05) U7131(06-07) for gains of up to 200 HP at the rear wheels! 







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